Tom’s SCREWTAPE contribution to F&F

I’m waaaay late in posting this, but I wrote an article for a webzine called Fellowship and Fairydust. The issue was entirely devoted to C.S. Lewis. My contribution was “The Screwtape E-mails,” in which I imagined how Lewis’ fictional devil might react to politics in the age of social media. It’s on pg. 34 of the PDF linked below.
This is the second time I’ve written something like this; I wrote a Screwtape letter about the Dan Brown/”Da Vinci Code” controversy 9 years ago for Kelly Capriotti Burton when she was editor of SGN Scoops. It was a lot of fun to revisit the character.
This isn’t actually about TV and film, but it’s rare for any writing of mine to pop up somewhere else, so I wanted to give it a shoutout. And thanks to Avellina Balestri for this opportunity!

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